Our Valves for Control of Flow and Pressure

SINGER VALVES - Water distribution and Sewage Pressure Relief Valves

Why Singer Valves on water distribution and Sewage Pressure Relief

  1. High-Performance Models offered from 1/2 inch to 36 inches in size providing
  2. Anti-cavitational Control - AC model
  3. Pressure Reducing to constant lower distribution pressure - PR & AC
  4. Pressure Reducing and Flow Control - PFC
  5. Pressure Reducing with Integral Back-Up - PR-SM
  6. Level Control - one way or two way Flow Altitude Control A1 & A2 
  7. Float Modulating and Non-Modulating to balance in-flow F4 & F5
  8. Pump Control - Booster Pump Control BPC & PG-BPC prevents surges associated with starting and stopping of pumps
  9. Deep Well Pump Control - DW & DWX discharges air and silt to waste and prevents surges
  10. Pressure Control - PR, PPR-C, PR-48 & PR-R reduces downstream pressure regardless of upstream pressure or flow.       
  11. An added check valve on the PPR-C prevents reverse flow
  12. Flow Control RF, HC, EF limits the flow to preset maximum, HC permits one-way flow only and offers adjustable closing speeds,      
  13. EF valve will shut off tightly when the flow is exceeded and prevents water loss in the pipe system in the event of a break
  14. Relief, Sustaining, Surge Control RPS, RPS-L&H, RPS-RR, RPS-D & RPS-SC these valves are designed to relieve excess      
  15. pressures dues to surges in a system
  16. Sewage Pressure Relief Valve DL direct-acting spring-loaded relief valve opens when inlet exceeds setpoint and closes drip      
  17. Tight when pressure falls below set point.       
  18. Electronic Control of all above functions and complete control systems pre-assemble

W. K. Hile Company, Inc.

TESCOM CORP - Regulators


Why use Tescom?

  1. High accuracy pressure control with self-regulating products
  2. Pressure Regulators and Back Regulators controlling from inches to 20,000 Psig
  3. ER-5000 offers control loading of the regulator to eliminate droop and provide precise downstream pressure settings in milliseconds.
  4. Manual on/off valves and tough air loaded on/off valves for high pressure & tight shut off