Our Pressure Products


Submersible pressure sensors for dirty or clean water applications with Class I Div I, Intrinsically safe Certifications

Digital Pressure Gauges

Unlike analog or dial, pressure gauges, digital gauges are built for reliability in demanding conditions. Dial gauges require constant re-calibration and repair. One major dial gauge manufacturer estimates that in a typical plant, 25% of dial gauges need an immediate replacement, and another 40% need corrective action. It’s a mess caused by inadequacies inherent in analog gauges.

Pressure Transducers

Our pressure transmitters, also known as pressure transducers, use piezoresistive technology to accurately measure pressure. This is based off of a small circuit called a Wheatstone bridge attached to the back of a diaphragm. As the diaphragm flexes from pressure, the resistance in the Wheatstone bridge (hereafter known as the “sensing element”) changes relative to pressure, providing a basis of measurement

Smart Measurement

Differential Pressure Transmitter and Multi-Variable Differential Pressure Transmitters The ALDP-MV includes flow equations for steam, gases, and liquids so that one model is all you need in your system. It can also measure static pressure with either integral or remote electronics and has an optional HART output.

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