Filters and Strainers

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Chase Filters and Components, LLC

Chase Filters offers filters for gases and liquids with pressure up to 20,000 psig

Chase also has specialty In-line filters for high pressure oxygen to meet ASTM G175 Phase 2 (Promoted ignition Test)

Since our area of the country has humidity, Chase Filters offers Coalescing filters used to keep your air dry or gases to prevent contamination downstream.

Natural Gas always has some moisture and a pressure drop across the pressure regulator will cause the regulator to freeze or stick, coalescent filters remove the moisture from the line.

If you are dispensing a bonding agent such as a glue or adhesive, Chase has a patented filter design with the indicator to warn when the filter is full and because the bonding agent will freeze up the filter and indicator when exposed to air the new Chase design will allow you to remove the complete assembly and replace with the new filter and indicator.

Please contact Chase for their strainers in Cast Iron, Bronze & Bass and Carbon Steel of Stainless.

Chase Filters can provide exact interchangeable filters to more than 175 companies in the market with quick delivery competitive pricing.