Our Signal Processing Products & Systems

ACROMAG, INC. - Signal Conditioning

Why do you use Acromag?

  1. Intelligent Transmitters-- IntelliPack Series offers universal signal converting, isolation, linearization, and relays ensuring operation and high accuracy from -25 to 70 Centigrade
  2. Math transmitter capable of 4 inputs and if you can write the equation for your calculation you can program the math transmitter
  3. Low cost distributive I/O for Profibus, Modbus, and Ethernet
  4. Field-Mount Transmitters- HART Transmitters, PC-Programmable, and Isolated Transmitters
  5. Power Supplies for the above
  6. 24-hour delivery and 5-year warranty

RONAN ENGINEERING COMPANY.– Annunciator and Sequential Event Systems

Why use Annunciators or Sequential Event Systems, I have a DCS that will do the job?

  1. High-speed scanning of critical conditions --15 Milliseconds
  2. When the alarm is audible and visual immediately to the eye, the result is a faster response by the operator. Computer screens give you multiple pages to review, and an annunciator will tell you by the engraved legend on the flashing light
  3. Communication such as DF1 for interfacing to Allen Bradley PLC's, Modbus RTU slave, Network TCP/IP, and OPC Interfaces offer easy installation to other products on a network or highway in the plant
  4. Easy to configure with Windows based software and enclosures fabricated to customers requirements
  5. Sequential Event Systems offer 1-millisecond detection to any number of points and with the communication capabilities listed above provide an easy interface to larger systems for power distribution management (help isolate the blackouts immediately)