Manufacturers Represented

Temperature Controls

  • PROCESS SENSORS CORP - Infrared non-contact temperature measurement
  • Gefran - Complete line of Temperature and controllers and SCR power packages


  • APG - Pressure transducers, level controls and digital pressure gauges.  Also diaphram seals and B-metal thermometers

Heating Equipment

  • HOTWATT - Electric Heaters
  • H.E.A.T. - Fluid Heat Systems - Electric
  • GH Induction Atmospheres - Innovative heating for hardening, annealing, forging, brazing, bonding, soldering, heat staking, pre-heating and many other applications.

Flow Controls

  • A W FLOW METERS - Positive Displacement
  • McCROMETER - V-Cone, Magnetic Flow Meters, FPI (Full Pipe Insertion) meters for water and SPI (Single Pipe Insertion) meter for sewage
  • BROOKFIELD ENG - Viscosity Control
  • TESCOM - Pressure Regulators & Controls
  • SINGER - Pressure and Flow control valves
  • TRICOR - Coriolis Flow Meters

Level Controls

Environmental Controls

  • CHEMTRAC, INC. - Streaming Current analyzer, Reagentless chlorine analyzers, Particle monitors after filters
  • Mil-Ram Toxic and Combustible Gas
    Chemtrac   DO, Suspended Solids, Particle counters or mass flow of particles in water based fluids
  • Cemtrex

    Emissions Monitoring Systems
    Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (IntelliCEMS)
    Mercury CEMS 
    Laser Opacity Monitors
    Gas Analyzers
    Gas Sensors
    Gas Detection Systems

    Process Dust Analyzers
    Dumo - Ambient Dust Analyzer
    S300 - Dust Analyzer for Trend & Emissions Monitoring
    Snifter A1+ - Broken Bag Detection Dust Analyzer

Process Controls & Monitors

  • RONAN - Density Monitors, Belt Scale and Screw Feeder Weighing 
  • ​​Chemtrac - pH, conductivity, ORP, Chlorine​
  • Gefran - Temperature and process controllers
  • BROOKFIELD ENG - Viscosity Measurement and Control
  • ACROMAG - Universal Line of Intelligent Alarms,Transmitters & Modbus I/O

RONAN - Display Products, Liquid Interface & Tank Leak Detection

DISTRIBUTION - HECO (Division of W. K. Hile Company Inc.)


SKAN-A-MATIC - Photoelectric Controls

MIGATRON - Ultrasonic Controls/Sensors


ANTX - Automatic Dialing Alarm Monitoring 

CEA INSTRUMENTS - Portable Gas Detection


TESCOM- Pressure Regulators

PRECISION DIGITAL - Large Display Meters, Loop Powered Digital Meters, Scanners & Annunciator

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