Our Temperature Products & Systems

W. K. Hile Company, Inc.


  1. Gefran has complete engineering support for their control products, locally at Hile Controls and at their U.S. Headquarters in Winchester, Massachusetts. They offer a complete product line of temperature controllers and process controls for your applications
  2. Gefran also manufactures solid-state relays and SCR's silicone control rectifiers for resistive and inductive loads. The various packaged   power controllers offer the capability of a 4 in one configuration. GFX 4 can control 4 separate heater loads and incorporates 4 PID circuits with communication from a PLC.
  3. The GFW series of SCR's provides an array of functions and current capacities up to 250 amps with electronic fusing which provides extra protection for the SCR firing circuit

W. K. Hile Company, Inc.

PROCESS SENSORS CORP – Non-Contact Temperature measurements


When do you consider Process Sensors Corp?

  1. To verify the temperature of a part moving through a process
  2. To measure temperature in a high-temperature furnace through a special design window
  3. To verify the refractory material is still in tack
  4. A quick read with a portable device on insulators for power lines, motor bearing housing and electrical hot spots -- just to name a few applications
  5. Special wavelength and bandwidths offer high accuracy and maximize the signal to noise ratio.
  6. Process Sensors offers a wide variety of on-line and portable instruments for non-contact temperature measurements and also a complete line of calibration equipment

W. K. Hile Company, Inc.

FENWAL & CHROMALOX – Temperature Controllers and SCR's


Why consider Hile Equipment Company for the above products?

  1. Hile Equipment Company (HECO) has been part of the Fenwal group since 1954 and has an experienced staff to help offer solutions to your control applications
  2. HECO can provide an electronic controller or an electro-mechanical controller, depending on the application
  3. SCR's or Silicone Controlled Rectifiers, SSR, or Solid State Relays are products that we have provided to customers for many years for resistant heaters or induction heating
  4. HECO can offer packaging of the products, pre-wired, and in various enclosures from waterproof to explosion-proof
  5. If you have any old Fenwal controllers, HECO is an authorized repair station