Distribution Prod. HECO

Hile Equipment Company


High accuracy pressure control with self regulating products
Pressure Regulators and Back Regulators controlling from inches to 20,000 Psig
ER-5000 offers control loading of the regulator to eliminate droop and provide precise downstream pressure settings in milliseconds.
Manual on/off valves and tough air loaded on/off valves for high pressure & tight shut off


Gefran has complete engineering support for their control products, locally at Hile Controls and at their U.S. Headquarters in Winchester Massachusetts. They offer a complete product line of temperature controllers and process controls for your applications
Gefran also manufactures solid state relays and SCR's (silicone control rectifiers) for resistive and inductive loads. The various packaged power controllers offer the capability of a 4 in one configuration. GFX 4 can control 4 separate heater loads and incorporates 4 PID circuits with communication from a PLC.
The GFW series of SCR's provides an array of functions and current capacities up to 250 amps with electronic fusing which provides extra protection for the SCR firing circuit and eliminates fast blow fusing. 

BACKER HOTWATT INC. Electrical heaters

When do you use Hotwatt?
Customized Heaters with controls embedded in the package
Electric Cartridge elements are used in metal molds for sealing and heating of liquids, plastics or adhesives to name a few applications
Seamless Stainless Strip heaters used to heat air, or mount on the sides of tanks 
Air heaters to seal or dry a product 
Rectangular, Metric dimensions and Band heaters are also available

REOTEMP Instruments – Manufacturing Pressure and Temperature

Bi-Metal, Digital and Dual meter Thermometers Remote reading Thermometers, RTD's, Sanitary (Clean-in-place) Temperature Products, Patented REOCLICK™ SANITARY RTD SENSOR
Pressure Gauges and Diaphragm Seals, Sanitary Pressure products, Pressure transmitters.
Seals can be provided with quick delivery 

Advanced Sensor Technologies, Inc.

Digital Pressure Gauges, Pressure transducers, Ultrasonic level and Radar level 


Fenwal Inc.

Thermoswitch Control, Bi-Metal Temperature Limiting thermostats
Detect-A-Fire switches,  Surface mount Thermoswitch