On-Line Analyzers

Our On-line Analyzers Provide Reliable Measurements in Difficult Process Applications

BROOKFIELD ENGINEERING – Viscosity analyzers

  1. On-line viscosity measurements enable you to control coating and verify process conditions continuously, instead of waiting for lab results. The ability to measure from a very low viscosity up to millions in centipoiseCHEMTRAC, INC. - Streaming Current and Particle Detection

 CHEMTRAC, INC. - Streaming Current and Particle Detection

  1. Streaming Current Lab and On-Line Monitors to reduce chemical costs, optimize clarification or filtration, and automate coagulant control in your incoming water
  2. Particle Monitors can monitor particles down to a 1 micron range in real time to give you immediate response to process and water quality changes and prevent the loading of solids into downstream systems such as boiler feedwater, membranes and demineralizers
  3. Laser Particle Counter is designed to provide size and quantity information enabling you to optimize filter operations
  4. Coagulant Charge Analyzer helps operators determine the optimum coagulant dose faster and more accurately than jar tests (five minutes or less)
  5. On Line Charge Titrator measures three sampling points such as headbox, machine chest and tray water and quantifies the level of charge present in order to stabilize charge disturbance
  6. Free and Total Chlorine Analyzers without the need for reagents
  7. Residual Chlorine Analyzer for Total or Free Chlorine measurements eliminates monthly replacement of reagents 


Industrial Gas Sensors on line for various industrial gas monitoring. 
MIL-RAM patented gas sensors eliminate the Zero Drift associated with false alarms.  The Mil-Ram sensors provide enhanced chemical selectivity to ensure the elimination of nuisance alarms related to common coexisting gases (CO,CO2,LEL, etc.).

Mil-Ram offers a variety of different technologies Infrared Sensors (NDIR), Electrochemical , Catalytic and Photo-Ionization Detectors (PIDs) for detection of many different Toxic, Combustible, Oxygen. VOCs, and Freon gases.

Mil-Ram offers Single and Multi-Channel controllers, wireless Telemetry systems, portable and also continuous sample extraction from remote locations for solutions to your gas detection requirements.


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Emissions Monitoring Systems
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (IntelliCEMS)
Mercury CEMS 
Laser Opacity Monitors
Gas Analyzers
Gas Sensors
Gas Detection Systems
Process Liquid Analyzers 
Process Dust Analyzers
Dumo - Ambient Dust Analyzer
S300 - Dust Analyzer for Trend & Emissions Monitoring
Snifter A1+ - Broken Bag Detection Dust Analyzer 

RONAN ENGINEERING – Density and Suspended Solids

  1. Density measurement with the Radiation Low Level Gauge eliminates the normal safety concerns of a nuclear gauge because the source is so small.  NRC says "no wipe test needed, no safety officer needed to move the gauge and a specific license is not needed"
  2. Easy installation -- simply clamp to a pipe