Our Heater Products & Systems

W. K. Hile Company, Inc.

HEAT EXCHANGE & TRANSFER, INC. – Heating systems

Why consider H.E.A.T.?

  1. Design heating systems for your requirements
  2. Use electric tubular heaters or gas fired for the application
  3. Hot water systems and Hot oil systems
  4. Duct air heaters designed to your specific dimensions
  5. Circulation heaters for liquids or gases
  6. Open Coil heaters to insert into pipe wells for storage tank heating or vaporizers--easy replacement without having to drain the tank
  7. Packaged control systems to go with the above heating systems

W. K. Hile Company, Inc.

GH Induction Atmospheres

Customized Solutions for Heating using Radio Frequency energy to provide heating technology that is fast, accurate, repeatable and cost effectivePower supplies Transithermic offering a wide range of frequencies from 5 kw to 2.4 megawatts

W. K. Hile Company, Inc.

HOTWATT INC. Electrical heaters


When do you use Hotwatt?

  1. Customized Heaters with controls embedded in the package
  2. Electric Cartridge elements are used in metal molds for sealing and heating of liquids, plastics or adhesives to name a few applications
  3. Seamless Stainless Strip heaters used to heat air, or mount on the sides of tanks 
  4. Air heaters to seal or dry a product 
  5. Rectangular, Metric dimensions and Band heaters are also available